Power amp sensitivity.......

Does anyone (SEAN??) know the input sensitivity of the following amps:
Perreaux 3150PBM
Perreaux 2150 B
Krell 150

I am trying to match my top end ASL Hurricanes....
The 2150B is 1.5v and the impedence is 10K. Can't help on the others.
Krell ksa-150 is 1.7v with 47K impedance.
Thanks guy's for your help!
I hope this triggers some responses (if not I will start a new thread)..

My top end amp ASL Hurricanes has a high sensitivity. Therefore it plays loader then my bass amp. The Hurricane is powering the midrange and tweeter section of my RS 1-B's. The bass amp (for now) is a Perreaux 2150. Because this has a lower sensitivity I have to raise the volume on the crossover for the output of the bass. Is there a better way to do this? In other words I would like to lower the sensitivity of the ASL's to compensate for the woofer amp.
You might try exploring in line attenuators - there are fixed value ones and varible ones (like passive pre amps). Frankly though I can't see the down side to adjusting the volume of the 2150. Thats the normal way when you don't have identical amps.
hi newbee....the only way to adjust the 2150 is via the crossover and I feel that this is not enough. I am still waiting for the tubes in the ASL in break in (100 hrs they say) and this may help but I am not sure. Thanks for the comments.