Power amp recommendation for Vienna Mahler

I have ordered a pair of Vienna Mahler speakers and must decide on the power amp. I am using ARC small D-70 (70W)tube amp with LS2-B pre-amp. I want to seek suggestions if you have listened to the mahler's in your own system or show room. I have been very impressed with the Rowland Concentra II integrated. What are your thoughts on other components.
Hi, I listened extensively to the Mahlers w/solid state, ie, Goldmund Mimesis 29 and Levinson monoblocks, and they sounded fabulous. Side firing bass woofers require control, I don't think the small ARC will do it. The Jeff Rowland is probably a better bet. I have an "email friend" who bought the Mahlers and drives them with VAC Renaissance 30/30, which he finds adequate except for his room, which is too small and limited to set the Mahlers up right. They are great speakers but those bass woofers need to be controlled.
monoblocked amps from "aria"
mike elliott is an excellent designer, I own one of his previous amps, and this one (a design he's been refining for years) promises to be a great amp.
about $7000/pair for 350 watts of hybrid power.
good luck
(got no experience with the speakers)
Congratulations on your purchase of the Mahler's. They are magnificant. I own a pair of Beethovens from Vienna Accoustics and am thrilled with the entire line. To get the best performance out of the Mahler's I recommend going with a seperate pre-amp & seperate amplifier. The Mahler's are power hungry due to their complex crossover. Mark Levinson, Krell, and Audio Research have the reserves needed to really make these speakers perform. I strongly suggest that you consider their respective lines. Enjoy!
I have the Mahlers and am using Bryston 7B ST monoblocks. They sound very good and provide deep controlled bass. I do have a larger listening room and the results could be different in a smaller room. These amps seem to be a good value and can be picked up on audiogon for around $3M. If I was going to move up from those I would consider SS amps from Krell or M Levinson, or possibly high powered tube amps from AR or VTL.
Hi Jpayne,
I use my vienna mahler with convergent and Jadis Ja 80 monoblocks.
The sound is fantastic!!!!!
Congrats on your purchase of the Mahler's. I own a pair of Beethoven, and have just added a Threshold T400 amp. WOW! 150 watts of pure class A power per channel is awesome on these speakers. The Vienna line tends to sound a little soft and warm. I think they work best with a 'warm' solid state amp. Tubes can sound a little too soft with these speakers, IMHO. I like the Threshold, but maybe a Classe or Rowland would work well too. I owned a Classe CA-200 and it was very nice, but the Threshold is in another league.