Power amp recommendation for Harbeth 30.2s

It’s not that I don’t like my current setup, it’s just that I wonder whether a more powerful amp would give the music more heft.  I’m running a pair of Harbeth 30.2s through a Prima Luna EVO 300 preamp driven by a vintage YBA Passion SS 400 power amp (purchased second hand from a reputable dealer).  I listen primarily to music streamed  from my FLAC stored collection on my NAS or from Qobuz through a Bluesound Node 2 into a Chord Qutest.   The YBA is very transparent and I love the sound of my system, but sometimes wonder on certain types of music whether a more powerful amp would be an improvement.  I like the idea of a SS or hybrid power amp paired with a tube preamp.  I chose the although  the Prima Luna preamp after listening to a Prima Luna integrated against a Hegel H590 (I had previously owned the Hegel H190) and purchased the YBA at the same time.  My listening choices are varied (folk, jazz, alternative, vocal, rock (not metal), so I’m not looking for ear shattering volume.  I don’t like the idea of a tube power amp due to both cost and how hot they can run.  I’m captivated by the Pass amps, but they are expensive.  I’ve also wondered about the Van Alstine hybrid amps.  I’m throwing this out to the experts because I may be overthinking this and should just be satisfied with the YBA until it finally fizzles (it’s pretty old).  Thoughts?
Not sure why your worried about taking the volume knob on the PL past twelve o’clock as it surely doesn’t care and you wont hurt it. If your YBA has a higher than normal input sensitivity then it may be necessary. But if you just want to look at a reasonably priced higher power amp that will work with the Harbeth’s then look at one of Van Alstine’s current higher power models. I own a pair of C7’s and a Van Alstine Vision SET 400 and it sounds really good with the Harbeth’s in concert with a Supratek tube preamp. Frank has multiple other models that will fit the bill all under your limit. All have a thirty day money back guaranty with you only being out the return shipping to Minnesota. The SET 400 is only $2000 brand new. Another good option is the PS Audio BHK 250 on the used market.
I'll follow up the PS Audio recommendation with another... M700 Monos. Great sounding amp IMO, and relatively low cost. Smooth, detailed, great stage. I do think that you might be asking too much of just an amp change, though, which is why so many have recommended also trying different cables, adding a sub, or simply different speakers. But, I have to agree with those who've said... If you are wondering what a beefier amp would sound like, go for it, and let us know. There's only one way to know for sure...
I have a 30.1 that I am running with a new Hegel H95.  I also have a couple of Rel 7i subs so the bass is well fleshed out.  The Hegel is good with the Harbeths but feel that it just doesn't grab them - thinking 60 watts just not enough.  So even though the amp is new and love the whole Hegel setup has me thinking about other options.
My two options that I am thinking most about
1.  trade up to Hegel 390 - even with trade in this is an expensive option but love prospect of update dac as well to go with my lumin U1 mini
2.  purchase newish Parasound A21+.  Since buying the Hegel I have a very nice Don Sachs preamp sitting on sidelines and watching - thinking the two might work nice with the 30.1s.  More affordable option as well plus can keep the very nice H95.
Any experience or thoughts updates?

Look at the Van Alstine Vision SET 400 to pair with your Don Sach's. 
agree w jackd that a d sachs into a van alstine unit would be outstanding

i would also comment that hegel’s h95 is lowest in their range... one should really step up to h190 if not h390 to get into the ’real deal’ hegels which have more refinement in sq as well as ’grip’