power amp question

I have a rotel ra-1062 int. with pre-outs for a power amp. Is it worth getting one and if so what would be a good match for it. thanks.
What is your other gear? Can't really answer your question without knowing that.
I just have the amp and dali Ikon 2 speakers with a rega planar 2 tt.Also a rotel rc-1070 cdp.
Tell us about your room size and layout;also what types of music to you like to listen to?
Have you heard a friends system or one in a audio store that you liked;basically what goal(s) are you trying to achieve?
It's a small carpated front room- speakers are on the short wall-3feet away and out from the corners-with sort of echo busters up in the corners behind speakers- listen to vinyl mostly -70's stuff-the band -neil young -like doobie bros. -jazz stuff-got a chance to listen to some harbeth monitors-liked them-I want a tight woody bass sound -a little more forward-alittle punch.
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Do you want to stay with solid state,try class d amps,try tubes or even an hybrid amp?
What type of budget do you have; and what speakers are you driving now?
Hi Danovak.

Why not stay with Rotel for an additional amp?

You may also need to put your turntable on an isolation platform to increase the slam and dynamic range, regardless of how much power your amp makes.

There's a 200 wpc Rotel RB 1080 in the Audiogon ads right now. This would give you sonic and gain compatibility; you could use it alone to more than triple your power, or with your integrated's power section to bi-amp.