Power amp protection and filtering

I apologize if this has been asked before but I have never heard the answer.

I have a PS Audio power regenerator. I have the pre, phono amp, turntable, cd player, Reel to reel, and tuner plugged into it but I have been told power amps don't need and, in fact, shouldn't use such filtration. I have an Audio Research VT200 and I know this PS Audio product wouldn't be big enough for the amp any way but would a separate regenerator be advised for such an amp? If not... why not?

I had called Audio Research and they were fairly non-committal on the idea.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this.
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Depends on the conditioner. I like my Bryston 4B-SST² to be on a conditioner.
My conditioner is a Furman REF20i ($3,500) with what Furman calls 'power factor' (a big automotive stereo sized stiffening capacitor)

Agree with op the Ps Audio regenerator is not big enough for an amp.
Different people have had various results. Some good some bad. Plenty of people like to merely repeat stuff they heard with no experience.
If the op wants to have the bass tightened up some, and a little more clarity, then find a conditioner for the amp.
I have tried a variety of amps plugged into different conditioners and every time the amp sounds better plugged into my wall outlet. I don't know why but I do know what sounds better to my ears and other audiophile friends that did the listening tests with me.
As a disclaimer I must admit that I do use two Xentek Extreme Isolation Transformers (5 KVA each) that cleans my power that then goes to a second electric box that houses my Dedicated 20 Amp AC Circuit Breakers and on to my systems.
I use an original Shunyata Hydra 2 which is used primarily for my power amp. The Hydra 2 is designed to compliment a high current power amp. The Hydra 2 does not limit the amps power or dynamics in any way. It lowered the noise floor considerably. I use a Shunyata Copperhead 20 amp cord for the Hydra 2 and a Shunyata Copperhead 15 amp cord from the amp plugged into the Hydra 2.
A regenerator is much more than a filter. It actually creates a whole new waveform so that your equipment does not have to deal with the voltage sag that happens near the peak of the sinewave. The big concern with regenerators is that you need a big enough one that can easily handle the current demands of you system..... As far as filters go, some can negatively impact the sound although in most cases they do improve it. Just make sure you can return it if results not good for your system.
This is what is inside your Hydra:
A regenerator circuit does not have infinite power. It is common for them to not be very happy with tube amps of higher power. This seems to be because they don't like heavy loads that have a lot of constant current, and your ARC has a substantial filament circuit.

FWIW there is a company called Elgar that made the world's best power conditioners **bar none**. They don't make them anymore, so you would have to look for one used and have it rebuilt. But the big one could run 28Amps of current continuously and put out a perfect sine wave. I think they made a smaller one that was rated at 15Amps as well.

They are mechanically noisy so what people usually do is install them by the home's breaker box, and run the line for the audio room off of the conditioner.
"This is what is inside your Hydra:

Actually, that piece written isn't entirely true. The author is making quite a few assumptions. I do not care for Jerry Seigel at all and I certainly do not trust anything he writes. In MY system, The Hydra 2 was a very worthwhile addition.