Power amp /pre amp matching

Will a pre amp with an output impedance of 600 ohms match up with a power amp with an input imp. of 47,500? cant seem to find an answer in the archives,though I know I;ve seen it addressed before. Thanks in advance
Yes, it will be fine. Most people will look for a ratio of 20:1

Look through the amp/preamp archives for the specific reason why. I have read it several times myself.
I agree with Tom6897. Some will say a ratio as low as 10:1 will suffice, but the higher the better, and I recommend a minimum of 20:1. You are at 79:1, which should be no issue at all.
FYI Winoguy17,

for future use...
47,500/600 = 79.1
Thanks, I appreciate the responses.
Not doubting the output impedance spec of the preamp, but is that spec the worst case value? Is the preamp a tube design? If so, typically the impedance will rise in the bass frequencies and your ratio gets worse.
Yes, it is a tube pre.
If the preamp has been measured by JA @ Stereophile, then you can find its true output spec. Most manufacturers quote a somewhat optimistic value at 1000 Hz. This isn't an issue with typical tube amps, but not of much value for mating with solid state amps.
So, is 235:1 good?