Power Amp Neeed -- PLEASE HELP prevent mistake.

Hello, I am currently searching for a nice amp,, TUBE, SOLID STATE, HYBRID Whatever... I will be running it off a Audio Research LS7 all tube pre and I am not sure of the output impeadance, but want an amp that works very well with it to create a nice synergy. I will go in the used market at about 1,000 USD, Power recomendations from about 40 watts per channel to infinity, Quality and overall sound is all that matters(MUSIC MATTERS). I would like to get the Warmest, tubyest , biggest sound possible and VERY STRONG BASS with the Audio research pre at resonable volume. THERE IS NO TONE CONTROLS IN HIGH-END AUDIO>>> Is there??? So it must produce this sound naturally without Attenuation. THANKS EVERYBODY!!
Rowland Model 1 with upgrades would match nicely with your tube pre amp... very sweet.........there are two for sale here now (search on rowland model one) for $1350 and $1400. I know that's a few more $'s than you planned to spend, but when do we spend what we plan around here? You CANNOT go wrong, I promise. best of luck, aj
Slightly below your price point, there are three amps that have been VERY highly regarded: (1) the Odyssey Stratos (~$800 used with the upgrades), (2) the Belles 150A Hot Rod (~$950), and (3) Monarchy Audio's SM-70 (use two as monoblocks) and SE-100 monoblocks. There is currently an ad for the SE-100's ($850) and an a couple for the Belles 150A. The Odyssey is tough to find on the used market, but can be had new for around $1000 factory direct. I've heard all three amps, and they really perform at a level far beyond their price point. All three were Reviewer's Choices (Soundstage). I really think you can't go wrong with any of them. I am currently using the Belles with a tube pre, and it is heavenly sounding. FYI, the power ratings are: Odyssey - 180W, Belles - 125W, SE-70 - Not sure, but it's pure class A, SE-100 - 100W. Best of luck!
You never mentioned(at least I don't think) speaker chioce! Without that info, picking an amp is not practical!..or are you considering getting the amp and then the speakers(which IS BACKWARDS REALLLY!). tHE SPEAKERS ARE 50+% OF THE OVERALL SOUND OF THE GEAR!..you should sellect an amp that matches speakers, not the other way around.
There are many fine amps out there, but a lot depends on souding good only if it mates with sonic attributes of your speakers. So what speakers are you using/considering?
Why not try an ARC amp with it? I mean what could be a better synergy with an ARC pre than an ARC amp? You can buy a Classic 60 for $950, or if you don't mind shelling out $1850 you can buy a VT100, both on audiogon. Quite a good prcie for either of these amps. I think the retail on the VT100 is $4500 dollars.
Sorry, my speakers are an older pair of klipsch with 15" woofers, rebuilt using cardas binding posts teflon silver coated copper wireing and passive crossovers built with North creek music components. They sound excellent but I just got the speakers from a friend and no gear that I own, using someones junk NAD amp and pre right now.
You might also want to consider a Rotel 1080. It is a nice sounding amp. Very powerful. Well reviewed. Available for about $700 used on Audiogon. Good luck!
I second the Odyssey Stratos
I also like the Odyssey and Belles amps and would add a used McCormack DNA-1 and the Marsh Sound Design A200s as both are very neutral and open with great bass control. Best of luck.

Anyone no where to look for the Odyssey 120 micro farad version in black.. or seen one for sale. I will call the factory but it looks like it will take a very long time to get it. thanks
Alright, Great responces you guys sent me on the journey to the Stratos, I just ordered one in black with upgraded Caps. I read many articles and reviews on this piece now and it Looks incredible for the money. The only real problem is it is going to take 7 weeks for delivery, but how many people can say that their Amplifier has their name signatured on the back of it?? It looks very worth it to me. Thanks. and any other opinions still very welcome.
Excellent choice on the Stratos. I've never heard them but I've read all about them and came this close ---> <--- to ordering a pair.

They appear to be among the better ss amps regardless of price.

And the 20 year warranty doesn't hurt either.

Please do a follow-up telling us how you like the sound (after the 5 week burn-in period).