Power Amp Necessary With Pioneer SC-25


I am planning on getting a Pioneer Elite SC-25. Will the unit alone be enough to power 5-channels? Or is it best to get a power amp?
Under normal conditions(efficient 8ohm speakers, smallish to mid sized room, medium volume levels), the Pioneer SC-25's amp section has more than enough power. With a larger room and low impedence speakers, an outboard amp might be a good option. Keep in mind that the ICEpower amps are very efficient and powerful and adding an amp might change the overall sound of the receiver(good or bad). JMO


Demo it by itself and draw your own conclusion.

YEST it WILL............. short answer.
my sc-27 (same as sc-25) is enough for my 2900CuFt room, for 88db 8ohm 5.1 setup, typically at -10-12db. I bi-amp fronts too!
Depends on the listener. I tried one out for a week and went back to A/V pre/pro and Amp. The Sc-25 just does not have enough real watts per channel for my liking IMO.