power amp fpr Audio Physic Virgo

current pre-amp Tact 2.0 digital room correction/pre-amp. Need best possible power amp to drive virgo's. Thanks
the best i have heard is a krell fpb 200 used or even cheaper, get a ksa-200s by krell for the virgos they are a wonderful synergistic match and allow the virgos to display the huge soundstaging capabilities they are capable of. i have listened to that setup at least 8 times at sound by singer in nyc.
Hi Adam, Best power amp depends on your budget. The Virgos are wonderful speakers, you will get your money's worth if you spend enough on a first class amplifier. For proper recommendation, let us know your budget and musical tastes. I'm not sure what our friend here heard at Singer's, but you better forget the Krells, unless you want to have a bright, electronic sounding sytem that you can use as a torture machine.
Call Bob, at the analog shop,716-742-2860. He has been selling these speakers for some time amd has used them with a number of amps, both s.s. and tubed. I'm sure he could make a fine recommendation.
Yes...Jeff Rowland Concerta or try Cary 805C forget about cheessse Krell....If you in europe try Accupahse A-50V ..pure magic...good luck