Power amp for Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home?

I'm buying a pair of Sonus Faber's. I almost bought the B&W N804, but I thought the Grand Piano Home's were more musical. The amps I'm targeting are: Classe CA201/CA301 or the McCormack DNA 225. Any thoughts? Thanks.

you probably can already tell that the grands love power....although both amps mentioned are nice matches,try a cj or a rogue for a tube alternative in the same price range..audition with a variety of music ...good luck.
get Rega combo.

Hal + Exon x 2

Surely a good match to GPH sound.
I auditioned the Grand Piano Homes using my Audio Research 100.2 amplifier. It was a wonderful combination, and now that the 100.2's been discontinued, they're available both new and used a very reasonable discounts.