Power Amp for Hyperion 938

I am running in a pair of new Hyperion 938 in a 12ft x 21ft room. Any recommendations? Budget is around $2000-$5000; prefer to spend less if possible. Used is also ok. Prefer tube amps(KT-88, 845, 300).

My setup
Marantz SA-14 ver2 (modified)
Supratek Chardonnay preamp
Hyperion 938
Audience AU24 IC and speaker cables + jumper

Vocals, Jazz, Classical, Chamber, no rock.

Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.
How about Hyperion's tube mono amps?
Hyperion tube amps not available locally for auditioning.
I am considering Antique Sound Lab 1009, new Supratek Malbec (but price not released). Anyone has good experience (sound, reliability) with Chinese made amps such as Opera?
Channel Islands D100 or D200s. I know these aren't tubed but, you should give them a try on those Hyperions. You wont regret it!