Power Amp. for Focal 807W speaker

Looking for the power amp. that would sound great with the Focal 807W speaker.
What would be a better choice between NAD C275 and Parasound A23.
Thank you
Given the (2) choices- Parasound.
My bad,
I mentioned the NAD and Parasound because of the budged, $1500.00

Oooops, typo "budget".

I was also thinking to setle with tha Parasound but in some reviews it
was mentioned that the Parasound A23 sounds the best by using
balanced inputs and by using unbalanced input (in my case), the sound might be bright.

For bright presentation, cabling will solve the issue. Also, a tubed cd player will solve the issue as well.  Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Definitely not parasound a23. I had to remove heavy blanket from the
Keep me posted topten.