Power Amp for base

What is the best power amp (inexpensive) for use with the Infinity woofer towers? I have the RS-1B's and I am usaing a Perreaux 2150 amp. Is there soemtihing better? If not, anyone know of a dealer that can upgarde my amp??? in the tri-state NY area??
Hi, The 2150B is a fabulous amplifier for your purpose. What you might consider doing it bridging the 2150 and buying another (I have one for sale) and using them as monoblocks! My two cents. Dan
I went throught this problem with my Betas before I upgraded to Genesis' that come with their own bass amps. After trying many amps, I found that any Bryston or OCM amp provided the tightest, cleanest bass of any inexpensive amps. I also was told that any Crown Pro-type amp works great because of their incredibly high damping factors.
The OCM 500 works great on bass, I used one for a few months to run Kinergetics subs and the bass was fast, tight, and powerful. The amp is now for sale on Audiogon if you are interested. [email protected]