Power amp for Avalon Eclipse Classic

I have a pair of Avalon Eclipse Classic, I would like to upgrade my power amp and will be connected to a Wadia 850 direct.

I am considering Rowland Model 6, Rowland Model 8T, Mark Levinson 333, Cello Duet 350. Do you have any comments?
vtin: i'm not sure whether you're referring to the discontinued JRDG model 6, which is a monoblock, or the current mc-6, which is configuarable as a 2-6 channel amp. the monoblock 6's and that model 8 are both excellent choices to drive the eclipse classics (as is the mc-6, if you're moving towards an HT setup). i've used a modified JRDG model 8 to power original eclipses, the ascents and now eidolons. i prefer JRDG amps of the model 8 variety over ML to power avalons. ML's, to my ears, sound drier and darker than jeff's stuff and tend to exhibit more of the "ss character" to which tubeheads object. the best amp i've yet heard mated to avalons from the eclipse upward is the accuphase a-50v. (i'm hoping to replace my JRDG with one- after a couple of different upgrades.) there's one available in the classifieds now for a very good price if you can afford em', 2 a-50v's run bridged will eat up damn near anything you can throw at em'. -kelly
Hello Cornfedboy,

How would you describe the sound of A50V in comparison to Rowland Model 8?

How about using a a50v instead of 2 a-50v bridged?
vtin: the accuphase a-50v is, to my ears, more neutral than the jrdg 8, is faster and has a less laidback presentation. the accuphase also has more headroom and, therefore, has more controlled "slam" than the jrdg, even tho the output rating of the jrdg is higher. don't get me wrong, a single a-50v in an average-size room will supply avalon eclipses with more than enough power to drive them to ear-bleed levels. avalons crave power, however and sound their very best with very high output, very high quality amps and associated upstream electronics. -kelly