Power amp for a 98 DB speakers from 60Hz up

I am thinking about buying a Pass Labs X-1 line stage.

Right now I am using a Sim Titan 5 channel because I was setup maily for HT use until about 3 months ago.

What amps can you recommend to drive a 4 ohm, 98 DB line array from 60Hz on up. Below 60 Hz is filtered out using a digital crossover.

I am considering
Pass X250 or X350
Sim W6 or W10

Not sure I need all that power, just looking for detailed, smooth sound from 60Hz on up.
ATI is well built amp with exemplery specs: incredibly low distortion (<0.005% over 5hz-50khz THD and IMD) if you are into 'true to the original' in playback.

Another accurate amp (at 175wpc) is the Muse 160, and there is always the vintage Hafler DH-200/220 (100-125wpc)consistenly availabe for $200 The BEL 1001 was an excellent performer as well (out of business now).

ATI makes a little jewel 2-channel 60w amp. Or, a low power triode tube amp with low distortion (<0.1%) can perform well with the mid/tweeter range (the bass is better powered by a solid state amp).
Try a c-j MV60 in triode--25wpc if I remember correctly. This current version of their long-lived, stereo, 2-pairs-of-EL34s poweramps* is so good c-j discontinued the Premier Eleven. About $3000 new, $1600 used, I think.

* that started with the MV45
Key: low distortion (<0.1%) I believe C-J and most of the 'popular' brands have very high distortion. Hense, the coveted 'warm' sound. Those 'connoissers of coloration', I don't know. You could put cotton in your ears, or hang a blanket over the speakers and accomplish the same thing.

If you cannot find a low distortion tube amp (check Rogue) you will be way better off with a low distortion solid state. The tube amp can make a subtle improvement, but not if overcome with 'warmth'.

BTW, remember, a 40w tube amp is probably equivelent to a 100w solid state. and double that at least if your speakers are 4ohm, right.