power amp draw

Would a class-a design 25wpc amp draw more electricity than a class-a-b 100wpc amp? The Monarchy SM70-pro uses about 2.5 amps and the Classe CA-100 runs at about 100w idle. I am clueless. Which would use more electricity? Thanks
You bring up a oft non-mentioned or thought of arrogance of audiophiles (me included)is the effective use of electricity. The thing that shocked me the most is when I picked up a electricity useage device from my public library (my understanding that lots of these are free from libraries and/or utilities, at least, in bigger communities). My Class A amps Threshold and Forte just drink the electricity as though it was flowing down a 6-ft diameter sewer pipe. Whereas my old B&K 442EX was like having low water pressure in a 4-inch pipe. Yet the sonic differences are no where near the massive wasteage of our ecologic capital. Sunfire may be something I will want to look into. These amps have never caught my audiophile eye probably because of their perceived low status. That simple. When Ford came out with their Ford Excursion the absurtity of it made me look at the less silly aspects of out AMERICAN lifestyle. I started to find an amazing correlation between fans of big SUVs, large motor boats, home threater setups, multicar garages, big steak eaters and big butts (rear ends)and generally of poor health of the owners (living a life through a machine is the point here, sort of plastic and metal phalic symbols). In contrast a good correlation can be found between users of fuel efficient cars, kyaks, vegetarian diets and better health and physical attractiveness. Seems like these people don't need to live through things they live through themselves. That closeness to themselves and distance from machines apparently creates a conscienceness to nature and consequences of poor lifestyle choices. I implore my fellow audiophiles to make less arrogant (probably just not thinking about it and arrogance, like I was not)in their choices in electronics. The best way for me was to get one of this utility usage devices. You will be amazed how many 150 watt flood lamps could light the neighborhood at night with your high end stereo.
Wow! I am just a fat guy who loves great steaks and great audio. I am just curious to know which amp would use the most electricity if left on all the time and why. Thanks
LOL. Clearly all things being equal Class A by definition will contribute the greatest to Global Warming.
from a electrical stand point,,,the class a amps will draw about 3 times the current compared to class a/b,hence the heat given off.