Power amp choice

I am trying to keep my cost to just under $4k. And here is what I have found so far, and would like opinions or any info anyone might have if they own any one of these.

ATI 300W
Earthquake Cineova 300W
Adcom new 300W

All are 5 channel.

I am currently using to good satisfaction a Proceed AVP preamp and Sony ES DVD/CD player.Klipsch CHorus II's with suppliment for low end Velodyne 18" sub. MIT cables used for all components. Thinking of buying Mapleshade ribbon cables for speakers.
Very open room, high ceilings, speakers slide to 14FT apart, wood floors, stone wall and lots of glass. I mounted rear for surround large difinitive bipolar speakers, seem to do a nice job.

Why not try and find a Proceed HPA-2 and a HPA-3. They are very nice, clean, and bombproof amps and most likely at your price used.
Just bought HPA-2 last month. I also use the AVP and I'm VERY satisfied. Probably some synergy there.
ENded up with Theta Dreadnaught II and it is wonderful!