Power Amp advice

I am looking for advice on a power amp to drive my Magnepan 1.7i's.  My source is my Cambridge Network player which I use to stream Tidal.  My preamp is Tube unit: Transcend 6SN7 Line Stage by Aric Audio.  My current amp is a Parasound HCA2200.  The Parasound has lately developed an annoying hum.  I was thinking of getting it repaired, but thought that now might be a good time to upgrade that 30 year old piece.

I was looking for advice on a good match for the preamp/speaker combination.  My budget is around $2,000.  I don't mind buying used.  I was thinking to go with tubes, but I fear that any tube amp with enough oomph to properly drive those Maggies would be well outside of my budget.

Discussions here are always thoughtful, so I am looking forward to what you folks have to share.


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markainsworth OP

Noticed no one yet has put up the impedance V -phase angle graph, on these Maggie’s.
It shows that they are a relatively benign 4-6ohm load for any amp from the bass up to around 4khz, then things change for the worse, with the combined EPDR load of the impedance and -phase angle.
From 4khz to 20khz they become a bit of a pig to drive, from 6khz to 10khz they have an EPDR load as seen by the amp of 2ohm or even less!!!.
Pick your amp carefully, so it’s stable into this load and can deliver current. Or you could get quite a softening (recessed) effect in the upper mids and highs.

Cheers George