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I am looking for advice on a power amp to drive my Magnepan 1.7i's.  My source is my Cambridge Network player which I use to stream Tidal.  My preamp is Tube unit: Transcend 6SN7 Line Stage by Aric Audio.  My current amp is a Parasound HCA2200.  The Parasound has lately developed an annoying hum.  I was thinking of getting it repaired, but thought that now might be a good time to upgrade that 30 year old piece.

I was looking for advice on a good match for the preamp/speaker combination.  My budget is around $2,000.  I don't mind buying used.  I was thinking to go with tubes, but I fear that any tube amp with enough oomph to properly drive those Maggies would be well outside of my budget.

Discussions here are always thoughtful, so I am looking forward to what you folks have to share.


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Personally I went from a beastly class D to a Pass XA60.8 for my 3.7i's.  The sound is sweet as long as I dont play LOUD.  My room is over 500 square feet.  Quality over quantity every time.
I found this at the review below, maybe you can save the Parasound.
[May 17, 2007]

The amp delivers a powerful and clear sound. It is only seconded only by my favorite amp the BA-5000 from Sansui. Great design carried out with quality components.


The initial hum caused by a floating ground condition.

I picked up a HCA-2200 II from ebay a few years ago. I also had the same problem with a 60 cycle hum which came out of one channel only. I decided to explore the problem internally after trying the ungrounded plug adaptor trick which only minimized the hum slightly. What I found was that almost every screw either internally but especially externally in the case was loose. They were loose enough that you could turn them by hand. So, I checked each fastener and tightened down every loose one. That one thing eliminated the hum completely. I could only guess that the problem was from a floating ground condition. I can only surmise that the fasteners were not torqued down to a reasonable amount during assembly at the factory and over the years they continued to back out by themselves due to vibration.