power amp

Friend was moving and just gave me a SonyTA-N55.Is it a decent amp considering it was free?
That really is a pretty decent little amp, especially for free, as long as it works. If you don't want it, I'll take it off your hands for free. :-)
Looks and sounds just fine.Wanted something smaller to have a more computer based system he said and the amp was too big and heavy for that purpose.
I owned two of those about ten years ago. My lasting impression is they were very clean sounding amps.
Nice get for free.
Guess it's not high end,but not too bad for an older mid audiophile grade amp.
Friend was moving and just gave me a SonyTA-N55.Is it a decent amp considering it was free?

Worth every penny you paid for it!!! ;^)
See these on Ebay going for $200 to $300.
If it works and its free, it is a decent amp for the best price possible. :^) Can't beat the value there!
Would it drive Magnepan MMG's well enough?
MMGs should be no problem for the amp unless your room is very large and you want to blow the roof off. I used a 30 watt amp to drive a pair of MG12s and it was fine in a small room.
Agree with Tim. As long as you're not going to listen extremely loud in a large room, you'll be fine.
No,I don't listen to music at very high levels.Had always wanted to experience The Maggie sound.
The MMG's run fine with 50W T-Class amps. Taking this into account, your Sony should drive them decently.
That's what is confusing at times.People say you gotta have lots of watts for Maggies,but I also have the NAD 3020 SERIES 20 and read that some people use it as well to drive MMG's.The high current?
Maggies will make music with 50 watts .
They will not sound their best with less than 400 @4 ohms.
But you always read people rave about tubes and Maggies but don't know of any 400 watt tube amps.Have read a lot about class D that do.
Its because they still sound good, most just never heard them at their best. Best amp I've heard 3.7's on was a 1000 watt a side class D.
I thought my 100 watt Hafler was fine till my neighbor, a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Wisconsin, brought over his modded Hafler 500 putting out 500 a side.
What would be your minimum power"watts"for the MMG?