Power accessories suggestions?

I recently acquired a PS Audio pair, HCA-2 and PCA-2. I like this combo quite well, and really don't have much to pick about re the sound. It is articulate, powerful, detailed and quite musical. But if I WERE to pick and find areas for improvement, I would want to lower the noise floor (not bad as it is... I can crank it to full volume with a cd on pause and need to be within 2 feet of the speaker to hear anything, bt not sure if this is all there is to the noise floor issue). Also wouldn't mind a bit more soundstage, both depth and width.

Not wanting to tinker with the mainstream components, which seem to have found synergy with one another, I am thinking about power conditioning and related stuff. As I do not have surge protection, this would be a good thing to do. I have a dedicated 20 amp line with the usual two-outlet receptacle.

I guess I am fortunate regarding RFI, etc, as I have never had a hum, ground loop, etc (well, once, long ago, but it was the fault of the preamp), so correcting for this is not a need.

I would like to avoid heat-generating components here in the South, so something like a P300/500 is something I would look at as a last resort. Budget is also an issue, desired is under $1K new or used.

A couple of candidates that are in my mind are PS Audio's own Power Director 3.5, and the Blue Circle MR1200 Music Ring. I guess the BC provides balanced power; how good/needed is this? Kal Rubinson recently mini-reviewed the 3.5 and seemed to like it, citing aliveness and openness as added qualities with its use. And one can always use more openness.

Any suggestions?
try a look at quantum products, i've read good reviews. no heat either, i wouldn't think.