Power ac cable for Krell Evo Two ?

In your opinion what is the best power cable for the preamplifier Krell Evolution Two?
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Giovanni M.
The one that came with it.
MIT Shotgun or Magnum series AC cables.
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It would be worth talking to Buff. He gave me good info in the past.
I second the one that came with it...I am using a Krell power cord on my BAT VKD5 24bit CDP and it is one of the best sounding PC's I've heard (replaced my MIT Oracle AC 2 msrp $4200:)
Thanks for your answers!Now i am testing the PS Audio power cord(i don't remember his name but it is top level),next week i will test the Sine power cables,and later the JPS and probably the MIT's products.
I will tell you which are the best in my set up.