Power + a bit of warmth for $2K or less?

I need a high current amp for hungry speakers - close to 200 w into 8 ohms with near-doubling into 4 ohms. But would also like refinement, and a teeny bit of warmth. Used is what I am looking at.
Some candidates at the moment are: Bryston 4BST/SST, Aragon 8008MkII, and perhaps Spectron Musician II. This last one is a dark horse; not sure what to make of it. Does it do well into 4 ohms? Sure, the numbers are high, but it goes from 500 into 8 to 600 into 4, only a 20% increase...?
Any suggestions for other amps that fit the bill? Attractive looks certainly not a drawback either.
What speakers are you trying to power?
I've heard the newer Brystons are smoother than their older siblings, but I don't know if you could consider them warm.

Besides the Aragon look into the Classe CA200/300, Plinius SA100/250, BAT VK200/500, and McCormack DNA1 and 2.

Good luck!
I have owned Bryston 4B SST and currently use Bryston 14B SST. Powerful, clean, and detailed. Warm? "Warm" to me implies a sacrifice in detail. Bryston does not fit this definition. A tube preamp is a good addition to a Bryston amp, IMHO.
bel canto is great sounding
Used Mcintosh.
Classe CA 200 or 201.
Try the Cary Audio Cinema 2 Solid State Power Amp.

It's in the $2,500 range and offers 200 Wpc into 8 ohms times 2 channels or 350 Wpc into 4 ohms.

And what other company knows how to make an amplifier more warm and natural sounding better than Cary Audio?

This is a very musical and powerful piece of gear and a real bargain for the $$$ Money.

Read the following review on the Cary Cinema 5

I have lathered about the new AVA 550EXR as being one beautiful, natural sounding amp. With a tube input stage this amp has magic and power in spades. Lifelike, fully resolved, beautiful midrange with all the power and clearity of the best SS. ($2099.00) At twice the price a must audition! good luck.
Find a Krell Ksa-150 that has been back to Krell in the last couple of years..you can find these at around $1,700-$2,000. I don't know about the Spectron (I have never listened to one), but this amp has what you are looking for and has plenty of power. It will drive 1 ohm load with no problem. It does not run near as hot as it's big brother (Ksa-250).

Krell KSA100mk11 saw one for sale on AG for apr. 1100.

Warm tube like sound 100 watts high current can drive anything.
Don't know offhand if it doubles into 4 ohms or not, but I found the Marsh A400s to have a very refined presentation with lots of tonality and natural detail. It's very good looking in an understated and tasteful kind of way, and it comes in very close to your price range. From what you described you're looking for this amp's character should fit almost perfectly. I would not think either the Bryston or the Aragon would give you what you're looking for, and the Specton being a digital amp would seem unlikely to add a little warmth, although I've only heard it at shows so I don't really know.

Don't know if the power characteristics are there, but you might also consider a Conrad Johnson solid state amp, and I'd also echo the Classe recommendation. Best of luck.
What is your preamp, speakers, room size? McIntosh (used) woulde seem to fit your requirements otherwise. I had a Krell KSA100 but it wasn't as warm as McIntosh. Good luck -Arthur