Poulenc double piano concerto?

I'm looking for recommendations for an outstanding performance/recording of this work...?
Try Penguin Guide for Classical Music...i've generally enjoyed their recommendations. Good luck and pls keep us posted.
I think a fine performance and recording is the ERATO ECD 88140 with Francois-Rene Duchable and Jean-Philippe Collard with James Conlon conducting the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.
I have a recording of this delightful piece on an Argo cd with the Philharmonia conducted by Charles Dutoit.
The bonuses are the solo piano concerto and the terrific organ concerto with Lionel Roge at the keyboard. They all show what to me sounds like gamelan influence, among other pleasures.
Sound is excellent (though not quite show quality) and the performances often exhilarating.
There are, I am sure, other good recordings of this and the other works; but I think you would not be disappointed with this one.
Oops. Errors in my previous post:
1) CD is on London, not Argo.
2) Soloists are Sylviane Deferne, Peter Hurford, and Pascal
Roge. No Lionel Roge anywhere. (Lionel Rogg is a much
recorded organist.But not here.)
The rest is either correct or, being opinion, is a matter
of opinion.
thanks for the suggestions
Funny you ask, but I just listened to the excellent Labeque sisters/Seiji Ozawa performance on Philips a couple of nights ago. This is a lively performance in very good sound. I would bet that Rpfef's Dutoit recommendation is solid. That Piano Concerto has some great parts, including a memorable opening theme.

The Double Concerto for me is one of the most important & visionary pieces of music from the first half of the 20th century. Funny to say that about a witty, often light and sometimes silly concerto, but its eclecticism jumps over the line into postmodernism.