Potting a Denon dl-103r

So I'm putting a wood body on my second Denon. When it comes to potting how much epoxy do you fill the cavity with?  Just the front cavity or is it more like a tub up to some point?
You're not supposed to use any adhesive. When you cut the cartridge down, make sure you leave enough of the old material on so that its a tight fit.
Interesting. Ive read that potting it makes for better bass response. The fit is snug to the point where a bit of hard pressure is required for the last 1/16th of an inch when you insert it. 

What at would be the negatives for potting?

"What at would be the negatives for potting?"

If you mean using the Epoxy to glue the wood body to the cart, it can't be undone. So, if it needs to come apart for some reason such as a repair, you won't be able to. I know people that have done this, but its been a while since I've spoken to them about this, so I'm not sure if there's any other reasons you shouldn't use Epoxy.

The epoxy may introduce unwanted damping resulting in coloration and loss of focus.
There are some folks who insist that more (or less) of a particular attribute is inherently desirable (e.g., increased rigidity, reduced resonance).  I don't think that is always the case.  I don't think more damping (less resonance) is necessarily better sounding.  If that damping changes the sound, it may make it sound better to you or worse, it is hard to predict the outcome.  I would note that there are plenty of ways to screw up the sound, and relatively fewer and harder to achieve means of improving something.  In other words, an sort of change is MUCH more likely to be bad than good.

The epoxy potting could also affect the effective mass of the cartridge/arm combination.  Again, who knows if that would be good or bad in any particular instance.

But, I do applaud anyone willing to take the chance and experiment, provided that a bad outcome is something the person is able to take in stride.
My ZU modified Denon DL103 is potted (from the factory) and sounds better than any 500.00 cartridge I have ever heard.
My ZU modified Denon DL103 is potted (from the factory) and sounds better than any 500.00 cartridge I have ever heard.

+1  I own several carts that are potted and they do indeed sound very good.

Also, a "potted" cart has nothing to do with 'gluing" the body of the cart to the carrier.
Also, a "potted" cart has nothing to do with 'gluing" the body of the cart to the carrier.

Can you please elaborate 
So What is Potting and Why Bother?

Potting of cart bodies involves applying an electrically inert compound to the cart internals to minimize unwanted resonances of the internal components.


Potting a 103 has been, IME, a great tweak and well worth the effort. As a matter of fact, I found running a 103 nude with a carbon fiber top plate and potted to be the best version of this over achieving cartridge. And, yes, it sounds better than most under $1000.00 cartridges and some over that price point.