Poth Audio cables

I don't see much mention of this cable manufacturer, so I thought I'd contribute my two cents about Poth Audio cables. Based on word of mouth, I auditioned their Green interconnects and was instantly awestruck by its bass performance and speed. The highs were a little grainy at first, but the cables broke-in and opened up very nicely after a few days. Though still not quite as airy or liquid as my reference Silver Audio Appasionatas (no cable I have used beat these in air), the Poth Greens certainly bested it in bass performance and fullness (without sacrificing any speed or resolution unlike some full-sounding cables I've used .... Straightwire comes to mind). If you're looking for interconnects to fill out your speakers, I highly recommend these cables.

I've since purchased some Poth power cables for my main and auxillary systems. While I still use Virtual Dynamics and Silver Audio power cables on my low-current gear (especially for digital since both VD and SA are shielded designs), I've opted for Poth Purple unshielded PCs for my amps; Noise floor remains very low, but Poth Purples are better at expressing dynamics.

I have no professional affliation or business relationship with Poth Audio. I just thought it'd be nice to share my positive experiences about this cable company with my fellow audiophiles.
I'll second Whoopadeedoo's experiences with these cables. Though my experience with other branded cables (especially power cables) is far more limited, the Poth Green IC's and Scary Speaker cable have done an admirable job of, as described, providing awesome bass slam and speed. The Green's are just slightly less refined in my system than the Audio Note AN-Vx (I have an all-audio note 300b-based system), but make up for it in the bass and fullness.

The powercables are what really brings my system to life, imo. I have Purples on all of my gear, including my two Audio Magic line conditioners. Life is good.... :)