Potential Warmer Replacement for LS17SE

This pre is tubed with 6H30s. Pretty neutral sounding amp and tubes, and no tube rolling with these as there is nothing else. I do like the sound of the pre but am interested in a bit more warmth. Nothing as warm as say CJ, but just a little more sparkle and good feeling. Would also like to keep the wide open soundstage the AR has. Prefer to stay fairly recent, mid 2000s or later. Balanced cables option preferred but not required. And a remote. Pass amp, ATC speakers, Auralic/Aurender front end. Any suggestion for a pre used or new under ~ $3K that might fit the bill?
Hi Jay,

Not sure you what can fetch for your LS17SE.  But of you can get $2500 or more on a private sale, you are within strike distance of a pre-owned Ref 5SE, which I see selling for about $6500. If not the Ref5SE, then maybe an LS27 or LS28.  Both are very nice linestages and a move up from the LS17SE.

I used to own the Ref 5SE.  It is a very fine sounding beast.

Good luck and have fun exploring.      
Consider a Supratek. On this site seek out the "Preamp Deal of the Century" thread. That thread is very easy to find of you click on the tab at the top for "popular all time"... 
newer cj’s are not warm and syrupy anymore

very extended top and bottom with the indelible cj midrange glow
One other thought occurs to me and that is to seek out a preamp based on the 6SN7 tube. The Supratek uses this tube, as does the Don Sachs. these are wonderful tubes and there are many, many options out there for tube rolling.
Not familiar with Supratek but will take a look.

The AR LS27/28 uses the same tube as my LS17SE, so I would expect a similar family sound.

Thanks all.
cj et5
don sachs pre

tonally they will be pretty much up the same alley as a top, modern arc 6h30p based unit

all are designed to give tube driven holographic imaging but with excellent extension top to bottom and prat/slam, but at least with these you can throw old stock tubes in the gain sections and soften/sweeten em up if you want
+2 on the Supratek as you can buy a brand new Chardonnay for less than your budget.