Potential replacement for AZ Absolute

Some time ago, I sold my old Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper analog interconnects due to necessary of migration to balanced connection. At first I was going just to get the same AZ (which actually satisfied me), but it seems that maximalist in me will not allow that easily. So now I’m searching for the greater performance in the budget about $1K (for new or used). Maybe someone has a clue for me?
Looking for something suchlike universal and neutral, with rich and full bodied signature, open and holographic sound staging. Now thinking about Ocellia Reference or maybe balanced Hight Fidelity Cables (if basic model appears on aftermarket someday).

Is really wasn’t opened any better alternative for Absolure Copper for the past three years, ever since I bought my? No one answer!
Try to demo Fusion audio romance 2, they very well may be what you are looking for. The owner of Fusion audio -Eric Love - is pleasure to work with and may have a demo of XLR available to audition.
denon1, thank you for the first answer! I've heard many good about Fusion Audio Romance 2 and their outstanding musicality, but I was afraid they would be way too relaxed. Maybe now I should consider them better. On the other hand, I've also I have read a number of compliments to Ocellia, so don't even know who of them is worth more attention.
I had Ocellia a while for audition, the midrange in Fusion Audio romance 2 is better, and as you know, to get midrange right is very important. Call Eric, and ask for demos. On the other hand there are plenty of good ICs cables within $1000 range, but you have to listen them in your own environment.
Hmmm. I have not heard the AZ Absolute copper, or the Ocellia Reference, or Fusion Audio Romance 2. I have owned AZ Satori Shotgun and Double Barrel speaker cables, and AZ Gargantua II power cord. I also currently own the Fusion Audio Magic interconnects and High Fidelity CT-1E and CT-1U interconnects.

From what I've heard, the Magic does not impress me much, in fact I have it up for sale right now. It's alright for the $$$, but can certainly be beaten for under $1K. In fact, from what I've heard previously from AZ stuff, and from what you describe that you are looking for, I would recommend either going for another set of AZ Absolute Copper, or looking for a pair of High Fidelity interconnects.

I've owned HFC interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords. All I still own are the interconnects, as I've found that I can't seem to replace them. I tried to with the Magic, and it didn't even come close. In my system, the HFC speaker cables and power cords were very good, but not worth the $$$, IMHO.

Again, I have not heard the Romance 2, and all of my interconnects are RCA's. I'd like to try the AZ Absolute, Silver or Copper, sometime.

From my recollection, the AZ may present a slightly deeper sound-stage, while the HFC presents a clearer image, with a stage that is not quite as deep, but wider and taller. Both were rich and full bodied, with good extension in the high's and lows.

Happy hunting,
I love my AZ Absolute Copper interconnects. I have them connected to everything, even a 25' run from my preamp to my amps. When I had to change one from RCA to XLR I just sent them back to AZ and they re-terminated them for a very reasonable fee.
jmcgrogan2, thanks for the reply. I like High Fidelity Cables, but unfortunately, XLR models now starting from $4480 and don't think I can get it soon for 1/4 of this price. So now I'm looking for other interesting possibilities.

mcgal, I thought about this option, but since I'm living in a different country I have decided that to sell old cable and next purchase a new one will be simpler in my case. Besides, now I can look for something else, Absolute Silver for example, which can be a little better with my tube amp.

I got a new recommendation: Revelation Audiо Labs (RAL). What can be said about them?
Have you used silver before?
I ask because now you seem to be off on a different track. Silver can be very good, with the right gear, but I would not categorize it as the "rich and full bodied" sound that you mentioned you were looking for in your opening post.
I have had success with several silver cables from Ridge Street Audio Poiema series, Amadi Maddie Signature, Kimber KCAG, etc. However, that said, I wouldn’t really describe any of these cables as rich and full bodied. They tend to provide more resolution, and can sound great with tube gear that may require a bit more speed.

I did own some RAL wire before, but it was a bit too lean for my tastes.
Also, I tend to avoid silver plated copper now, as that always seems to sound too thin and anemic to me. Pure silver seems to sound a bit more natural to me than silver clad copper.

That said, the AZ Absolute Silver presents an interesting mix, as it uses pure copper wire with pure silver wire. A hybrid so to speak. I have not heard it, but it may be able to still deliver a fuller sound with a bit more resolution than just plain copper. I would expect your old Absolute Copper would sound more rich and full bodied, but if you are looking for a bit more speed and resolution, the Absolute Silver may be the ticket.