Potential Pair of Great Bookshelf Speakers for Sale!

What are they? That is the question. I have a pair of Totem Sky's that I really enjoy. But, for aesthetics, I just purchased a pair of Harbeth P3ESR's in Olivewood Ash. They look fabulous! I haven't had much time to break them in yet, but my first impression of them is positive. But I think the Totem's have more realism in the mid and low bass area. I find my ears perking up on certain music and I'm thinking to myself how great that sounds from a small'ish' speaker. And, I'm not driving them with anything spectacular. I use an NAD AVR with 60 watts per channel and that seemed to be more than enough to get that wonderful sound. Anyway, we'll see how the P3's do in the next few weeks. As to the title of this thread, I'll be selling0  one of these pairs soon. Any comments are welcome.


@rongvk    a Rong decision!

A strange way to go about things.  You have the Totems that you like, so you go out and buy a pair of Harbeths.  Now you can't make up your mind which you want to keep.  But if you sell the Harbeths you will do in nearly half the money you just paid.

To see what a bad move this was, imagine you had gone out and bought 9 new pairs of speakers and you are listening to them all with a view to selling off 9 of the speakers you now have.

You can't go back but next time the right way to do this is to go out and listen to a range of different speakers.  When you hear one you like get a loan of it for a week or two to listen in your own room and system.  If you prefer it to your present speakers, buy it and sell the present ones.  That way you will be sure you prefer the new speakers before you lay out your hard-earned cash.



Driving the Jade 3's with a Cambridge CXA-81.  Better to keep the Jade's and move to a better amp or DAC?  Just don't know.  PM me if you decide to keep the Totems.

Why when you have this? Is that because you do not like Sabre DAC inside cxa-81 or some other reasons that dissatisfy you? 


lanx0003 - Your question is spot-on.  Truth is I very much like the Jade 3's paired with the CXA81.  Only limitation is a certain muddiness or lack of crispness in the 500hz region, especially with piano music.  I'm guessing that is a room acoustics issue.  I've maxed out the WAF with a pair of tube traps, panels, heavy curtains, etc.  I purchased a miniDSP SHD streamer with Dirac Live to address remaining room issues.  The SHD is up and running but I haven't implemented Dirac Live yet. 

Yesterday I auditioned the P3's at Decibel Audio in Chicago.  The magical midrange was quite evident.  Combine that with excellent imaging and soundstage gives one great sound.  Better than the Jade 3's and worth the extra $?  I don't know yet.

Same sort of issue with the dac.  Moving from a Bluesound Node2i to the dac in the CXA81 was a major improvement, and for my use I am very satisfied with the SQ.  Why consider something else?  Well, it's the nagging feeling that even better SQ is within reach.  For example, I've read good reviews and agon comments on Chord, Denafrips and Schiit dacs, just to name a few within my price range.  Would I notice an improvement in my room with my music, etc.?  Would I consider the extra $ worthwhile?  I don't know, but over time I intend to find out.  In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the Jade 3's and the CXA81 because, as you imply, there is really nothing wrong with them.  Regards.

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Sounds like great speakers. I don't live in the US so shipping would probably be to expensive for me.

One thing I can add is that my old speakers sounds WAY better after I changed the integrated amp from NAD and then Rega Brio to Schiit Ragnarok (much more expensive). So changing the amp may make any of your two speakers sound a lot better. You may want to try a new amp with the old speakers before choosing the new ones.