Potential cartridge for a Kuzma rig

Hi Guys,

I'm presently using a Stabi S/Reference with an Eddie Current Phono Stage and a ZYX Bloom.

I really enjoy the cartridge, but would love to find a cart that brings me a little closer to the music (up to $1000).

Thanks guys, I always appreciate the fantastic advice I get here.

When Muse imported the Kuzma tables/arms, Kevin recommended Dynavector cartridges as particularly good matches. So you might look for your price point within their range.
Dynavector is recommended for just about anything as if there was nothing else. Frankly, there are not many for $1k new, used - that's another story.
The Shelter 501 Mk 2 is a very good match and within your price range.

Kuzma and Shelter dealer disclaimer.
Thanks Guys-i'll start hunting for a decent second hand one
It will depend a lot, of course, on what kind of music you listen to and the sound you prefer. In addition to matching cartridge with arm and phono. And even perhaps the table too though this point is rarely discussed. You could try Shelter 301 for $500 before paying more. There is a guy from Hong Kong who sells different cartridges on ebay new. Some members bought from him. But Shelters may not give you a satisfying bass, their midrange is excellent. Also someone on Audiogon uses Benz with the same table and arm, Elizabeth, I think. Ask around.
I have a Dynavector on my Kuzma Stogi S. The Dynavector 17Ds is a great cart. It's only flaw is a slight difficulty setting up the cart because it has such a short (tiny) cantilever.
The Benz Glider cantilever on my Rega P5 looks like a broomstick handle in comparison.
I see, I got confused about your set-ups a little.In any case, it appears that Dyna work reasonably well with many arms and tables. It does OK (10X5) with my Spacedeck/Spacearm too but I am going to experiment with Goldring 1042 MM before possibly paying $1k+ for better MC.
I might give a Denon 103r a try..could give me the edge over the 103

my phono stage has the cinemag transformers, so seems logical..

Appreciate all of your suggestions