Anyone watch Axpona live feed on Facebook this morning? I was working and unable to watch. I wonder if a recorded version can be viewed.
I watched some of it live and some after the fact.  All videos have been posted on the AXPONA page so you can still watch.  I’ve watched about 3/4 of them.  I should state up front that I’m not a Facebook user, but I was told that was the only way to watch right now (YouTube later?) so my wife let me use her account on her computer, so obviously I’m not an experienced Facebook user.  Given that, my opinion is it was kind of a technical mess.  I had trouble finding the “Live” feeds, the Facebook page is “messy”, but once I did find the first one it was Ok.  The problem was when one segment ended the Live feed ended too, and you had to go find the next one. I was NOT very successful at finding the “next one” and when I did I had already missed several minutes.  Given that most of them were less than 15 minutes, you didn’t want to miss anything.  Thankfully I figured out pretty quick that they were posting all the Live feeds for later viewing.  Also, most “presenters” were suing Skype and the quality was variable and there were dropouts.  Given the circumstances though, you can’t really fault that.

As for content, most of them started off talking about the effects of COVID-19 on their operations, then a discussion on what’s new.  Most didn’t have any significant announcements but a couple did show pictures of the new items they were going to show.  Somewhat surprisingly some of the manufacturers were not finished with what they were going to show so no sneak peaks from them.  One disappointment, Vandersteen was supposed to talk at the end of the day, but it apparently never happened, and I didn’t see any mention of it.

Given all that, if you are a Facebook user, there’s no harm in checking them out!
No. Did not know that a virtual Axpona was occurring, and also don’t have Facebook. Shame, they limited exposure by admitting Facebook account holders only. It was probably low attendance anyway. 
Axpona has been rescheduled to August 7-9.

What you are referring to is the following extracted from the Axpona website

AXPONA invites you to the premiere AXPONA Livestream event, via the AXPONA Facebook page, on Friday, April 17th, 2020, The live event will start at 10 am Central Time.

Sponsored by Stereophile and musicdirect, AXPONA Livestream will feature 25 of the leading audio manufacturers who will update music lovers and the global audio community with timely subject matter, from new product demonstrations to what’s next for each brand during this historic time. On what would have been AXPONA’s opening day, you still have the opportunity to directly interact with many notable global manufacturers.

@facten,I am aware of the info you shared. I had just a few seconds at work Friday to go to the Facebook event; not even enough time to tell if it was worth watching even if I had the time. I went back to the Axpona Facebook to try to find recordings. I'm not FB savvy,so I found none.

Yup, no facebook for me.  Just saw zuck on TV tonight talking about banning "dangerous" speech.