Postive or Negative Results -Big Amp & Conditioner

I would like to take a poll on personal results with a big power amp. like a (Threshold SA/4e or Pass 350.5)plugged into a line conditoner/surge protection. If the results were good or bad. Meaning sound diminish. Or is it worth the loss of sound for protection of your power amp.

I have not yet tried a good line conditioner/surge protector on my power amps. Currently plugging directly into the wall.

So my vote is yet undecided.

Good -X ?
Bad -X ?

Be sure to give an explanation and or recommendation. No puny power amp apply. Just looking amps that have tremendous current that make your lights dim when turned on.
Most power conditioners will not produce enough power, and will choke the amp.
Fully agree with Nrchy.
My 2 pcs X350.5 did not benefit at all with my Running Springs conditioners. This does not mean that the Running Spring are bad, however, they do generate tremendous improvements when installed on my front end.
What I can tell you is that the PAD Dominus PC made fantastic improvements on my 350.5s.
Well, I could be wrong, but what I think Joe is asking is not if the power conditioner will improve the sound, but if the power conditioner will protect the amp w/o harming the sound.

I have had 2 power conditioners that I felt did a good job of not degrading the sound of a BAT VK-600SE, yet providing surge protection. These were the Shunyata Hydra 2, and the Running Springs Audio Duke.
Most other power conditioners I've tried have restricted the sonics to some degree.
It's very simple. It depends on the amp. You have to try it to determine if it works or not. That's all.

I had 3 different McCormack amps where the Shunyata Hydra was an improvement.
Now wih my Pass Labs X250.5, Hydra slows the amp down and limits dynamics. It still does work good for source and preamp. But not for the Pass amp. I prefer it directly into the wall. Although I live in NYC and the power is crap, the X250.5 amplifier deals with dirty power without any issues. I can not determine any noise floor that is apparent. If it's there, it is no higher than it is with the amp plugged into hydra.

As far as protection, there is a magnetic breaker/switch on the back of the Pass amp that functions like a fuse. Bottom line is, you need to try a conditioner in your system. Until then, it's a guessing game.
Bingo Jmcgrogan2. Thank you for clarifying.

"asking is not if the power conditioner will improve the sound, but if the power conditioner will protect the amp w/o harming the sound".

BPT's balanced isolation transformers/conditioners work great. Have one on my Belles Reference 350 and it helps, not limits the sound in any way.

Hi Joe,
The Running Springs Duke will protect your amps via propritary RSV's and resettable breakers. They also voltage stabilize via a large propritary capacitor bank without current limitting or adding coloration. 20amp/2400w inbound current = 20amps/2400w available outbound current.
Hi Joe,
Like Dedicated Audio I also sell Running Springs.
Levinson 336 (350x2) with Audio-Magic Stealth and couldn't be happier.

You should give Jerry a call at Audio-Magic before you make a decision. He can customize an outlet on their conditioners specifically for large current amps.

Good luck
Hi Joe
I have until recently run a Krell FPB 200 through an Audiophile APS 1050 mains regenerator with excellent results. Way better than just plugged direct to the mains, no compresion of sound no softening or bluring of either the bass or high frequencies. In conclusion no exagiration of any aspect of the sound. Just all round better results, worth the cost. No problems during powering the Krell up when the massive Tx and caps charge and energise up.
Hope that helps,
Audphile1, please state which Hydra you were using. You will notice that I recommended the Hydra 2, as I have found that this is the best Hydra for a high powered amp application. Yes, the other Hydra's with their added circuitry, can slow down amp speed.
Just like I didn't recommend any RSA power conditioner. The RSA Duke is by far the best RSA product for a high powered amplifier. Make sure you try the right conditioner for the right job before you nix the whole product line.
Jmcgrogan2, I don't know why, but you sound kind of agravated.

I always speak highly of Shunyata products. I think they make very good stuff. I'm not trying to nix the whole product line. I am surprised to see you are taking this rather personally.

I have my system listed and all it takes is a click of a mouse to find out what hydra model I was talking about.
It appears that you'd rather type than click, so I will answer your question. I am using Hydra4. You can see it in my system if you click on it.
I had Hydra2 but that was when I had the McCormack amps and Hydra2 was good. Hydra4 is good with McCormack amps as well. I used it and my friend uses it and the McCormack sounds better with Hydra. Not the case with my Pass Labs amp though. However, I never tried Hydra2 with the Pass, because my the time I bought the Pass amp, I sold my 2 Hydra2 units to get 2 Hydra4.
This may be a screw up on my part because I am not using Hydra4 for the amp and I have 2 outlets in the Hydra4 that are not utilized. I could have easily get by with a Hydra2.

Also, I replied because we are talking about a Pass Labs amp. I have X250.5 and I beleive it is similar in design to the amp in question, the X350.5. Therefore I decided it was appropriate to share my experience.

Your reply is pertaining to BAT using Hydra2 may or may not apply.

That is why the first line of my reply was
It's very simple. It depends on the amp. You have to try it to determine if it works or not. That's all.