Posting Images in Audiogon Forum Posts - A Reluctant Quasi-Tutorial

So I fumbled my way through successfully getting images in a few posts this morning. @spiritofradio  asked me to write a tutorial because he was so frustrated trying to do the same. I can relate; it too me far longer than I'd care to admit to get a couple of successes, and it mostly wasn't straightforward. 

Hopefully, Tammy or other admins here can provide something more useful and delete this thread when it becomes obsolete. 

If it matters, I'm using Chrome on an M1 Macbook running Big Sur. If you're on Windows, mobile etc, we all may be facing different challenges & fixes.

Method #1 - This worked once for me for a smaller image (thumbnail size) and obviously the easier method. It only worked for me once.

Open an image already on your computer. Right-click on the image and select copy. Place the cursor in the post where you'd like the picture. Right-click and select paste or type <command-v> or <ctrl-v>

Method #2 - Technophobes, I'm sorry.  

Upload your image from your computer to Imgur (there are similar free photo sharing sites, but I'm not familiar with the specific differences using those). You have to create an account, login, and then select "ADD IMAGE" on top right. Once your image is uploaded it should show on the top left as a thumbnail like this:

click on it to get to a screen with different link types like this:

Click on the second copy button on the right "Direct Link". Place the cursor in your draft Audiogon post where you want the image and click on the image icon. Paste the copied Direct Link into the URL box by Right-click and select paste or type <command-v> or <ctrl-v>. If your image is large the number of pixels shown for height and width will need to be reduced. For the two images above, I entered 500 as WIDTH. The height will be automatically reduced proportionately to preserve the shape of the image. Select LEFT for the alignment. Click OK.

If after doing this the size is too big, you can further reduce the WIDTH until it fits. Another way to make that adjustment is by clicking on "Source" above your post to toggle from the message view to the HTML code that creates it. In that view, just look for WIDTH and edit the numerical WIDTH value in the code and click source again to toggle back to normal view. I also PREVIEW before posting to see if it's working as intended.  

BTW, if anyone knows how to "@" the Audiogon staff, please reply here and call them over. We could use some better help than mine! 




Copy URL for the image, and paste the URL (hyperlink) into the page using Cntrl V keys. Thanks sbank


Tried that earlier today with a few WWW images and they ended up being too large (the pics even leached into the posts above/below the post I made).

Deleted both of the posts due to this.


For me, with ImgPile, after uploading like you did, all I have to do is select the image I want to use, right click and go down to "copy image address" and paste it in the URL of the "scene" icon from above. I use a Mac.

Then I click "OK" and preview the image. If it’s too big or wide, I just fiddle with the values of height and width. Usually starting with "500" is good and the width automatically adjusts. If off by a bit, then lowering or raising the number until I’m satisfied does the trick.

You can preview it as much as necessary and you won’t lose anything. It’s easier for me to just grab the image and do all adjustments here. That’s just for my photos. Anything else is just copy & paste and using the same "copy image address" does the trick for using GIFs. Just drop it in the URL box.

For YouTube videos, click "share" below the video and then "embed". When the code pops up, click on "copy" and then come here and select "source". Just paste it and then hit "preview" to see if the video takes. That’s all you need to do. You will not see the video unitl you preview it. Hope that helps.

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..appreciate the help....kinda like advice on how to hand crank start a Model T... Hello Audiogon, you really are in the dark ages...

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Tried cutting and pasting. Nope. Too much hassle to use Imgur. Usually on my IPad. Anyone come up with an easy workaround? I can't seem to find one.

I don't know how Imgur works but ImgPile is simple and easy for even a Luditte like me. Might be worth the bother if you don't need to upload lots of photos but just the ones you want in order to post. 

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nice diffusers...

@tomic601 thanks. I have another two I started, but are on hold until I build an equipment rack. Sick of my stuff sitting on the floor and springs.
I drove out to near Austin and purchased some long clear mesquite burl planks, and $600 later I finally have some beautiful timber to build an equipment rack!

I looked at your system page, seems you like natural timber too mate.
Your live edge block is a look I’m chasing, I’m going to have to achieve it a different way, by folding down the edges to make it look three inches thick. I’m hiding a frame and springs under the shelves, so they will be somewhat hollow underneath.

I’m seriously considering making folded well diffusers, with fractal diffuser faces in the wells to diffuse higher frequencies. 36mm seems to be the best choice.

Yes, pasted in a Youtube video, seems to work great!

Rix, cool beans man. I think mesquite is lovely, post a picture of the grain. thx also for diffuser DIY. My RT 60 number is a whisker high and i want to fix that, hide a bit more LF absorbtion in the room.


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Can someone remind me how to post links to Youtube so that the image/screen shows up, rather than just the text of the link?

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Thanks!  I'd been using "Paste" rather than "Paste as plain text".  Appreciate it.

You should be able to post an image from your computer, or cut and paste an image into the post. This is dark ages sh*t here.