postal Money order and fraud?

I paid using a postal money order in the amount of 130.00 to a party in another state. I have not received any feedback from this person and no this was not an Audiogon member but another popular site on the internet.I am thinking that yes I have been taken, so I am asking any in the Audiogon community if I should contact the post office and would this constitute postal fraud or does it have to be over a chosen amount? I wish all a Happy Thanks Giving and enjoy.
I would contact the post office anyway...I would assume you got insurance???

If a crime is committed and the US Postal Service is involved, then it's mail fraud.
If the crook was using a fake ID you're probably sunk. But definitely ask the PO, they're sure to have a procedure. Best of luck.
I did a search and found his name and face on "Facebook" I found this to be to much of a coinsidense.The name and address are all in the same. And I thank all of you for your feedback and I am hoping it will help all.
Schipo: It would be useful information to all of us if you let us know the outcome and what, if any, assistance you get from the Post Office. If it were me, not leaving any stone unturned, I would contact the police in the crook's town and see what assistance they can render. Perhaps he is a multi-time offender. Who knows. Puerto
Puerto: Great point!
Hey, Did you know you can STOP PAYMENT on postal money orders?
Go for it. That'll get his attention. It's a long hard process but who cares.

You can trace a USPS money order for $5.20.
1. Must be 2 months or more since issue date.
2. You must present ID and money order stub.

If the money order has NOT been cashed they will refund by USPS check. If the money order has NOT been cashed, obviously, end of story.

If it has been cashed the USPS will send copies of the front and back of the money order. The copies will probably have the cashers bank information printed on it. This information could be helpful if you need to take further action. Hope this helps.
I really want to thank you all on Audiogon.I will go down to the post office Monday to ask questions and I also will keep you all informed with the outcome.