Post on Speltz Anti-ICs

Here is a copy of my post on the analog forum, pertaining to my using these cables with my modified Technics 1200 table. These interconnects really stunned me on the phono connection. It's too early to tell for my CD to amp.

Another update: I bought a set of Speltz Anti-IC interconnects ($150/pair with Eichmann plugs) for the turntable-to-integrated amp connection and it brought the sound up another significant level. Better clarity, hall ambience, dynamics, top to bottom coherence, vocal micro-dynamics... This is before burn-in, which is supposed to take up to 500(!) hours. I now have the cables burning in on my CD player (where the sound is not much different than other interconnects I've used) and will re-install.
What cables did you replace?
Oh yeah, BI2000, you are so right.
Rcprince: These replaced cables from Australian company TMC (The Music Cable) and Audio Symphonics As-One. I've also tried cheap Kimber (PBJ?), Magnan and a very thin cable, which I can't recall the name and I gave away.
B12000; Do you know the capacitance of the Anti-IC's?
I e-mailed Paul Speltz from his website but I never got an answer. I have a similar set up as you, but I have the stock phono cable of the Technics 1210 M5G with cardas plugs connected to my phono stage.
It sounds great now but I'm wondering if the Anti-Ic's would be better. I know a low capacitance is important in a phono cable and the stock cables are 30pf/ft.
Speltz sent a sheet with the cables that says "Shunting capacitance is about as low as an interconnect can get (RCA less than 10pF/ft). This is due to the topology of the elongated spiral ground wire, with a straight conductor passing down the middle (at close to a 90 degree angle from each other). Because of this offset angle, the magnetic field of the ground wire has limited coupling to the signal wire (keeping capaicitance low)..."

Hope this helps.
The Anti-Cable ICs have been compared to some pricey silver ribbon connectors and equalled their performance, both stellar.