possible vpi scout tweak?


I just discovered this today by accident and thought I'd pass it on. YMMV.

I was adjusting the vta with the threaded disk at the base of the jmw-9 arm. I didn't like where I moved it, and put it back to the original setting. It sounded much better then it had before I moved it, even though it was at the same place. I got up to make sure I had it in the same place as before, ( I use a small piece of tape to mark it) I reached out to check and the vta adjustment disk moved freely, it was not tightened against the base, and only the 2 allen set screws at the side and the back were holding the tone arm up. I tightened the threaded disk, sat down, and everything sounded flat in comparison, damped. I got up, backed off the disk again, sat down and could hear the difference again. I did this about 10 times, replaying the same song. It sounds like a veil is lifted and everything sounds more alive, vibrant and detailed, slightly move forward but not it a bad way.
My guess is that the vibrations are draining better through the 2 small screw points then the large surface area of the threaded disk, that or it is a resonance match/mismatch with the Granite slab I have my scout on. The granite is on Herbies Isoballs on a wood wall shelf.

All you have to do is back the threaded disk off the tonearm base a bit so it moves freely, just 1/8 to 1/4", listen, tighten it back up, listen. For me the difference was not subtle.

If you want to try it out, let me know if you hear any difference. Sometimes I fear I am losing my mind with this stuff.

Interesting in that it's almost like points/cones under a piece of gear.But what does not make sense is that goal of many arm designs is to minimize points where items could vibrate and making arm a solid a one piece design with few couple points.Call VPI and ask Harry or Mike what they think is happening and post response.
i heard a few times a vpi scout on top of symposium platforms from the ultra to the cheaper sveltes. There seems to be a good synergy in these components.
I would stay away from the granite, stone type of stuff, it kinda hardens the sound.
I talked to VPI today. I was told that what I was hearing was a "pleasant distortion" and that if it worked in my system to please use it. The reason it is happening is that when the threaded disk is off the tone arm base, this super tiny space between the actual threads and the disc, allows the disc to vibrate. This vibration is what I am hearing. I was told that it vibrates at a very high frequency in the upper mids and can add some life to the sound, and was a pleasant distortion, also if your system was too bright you could damp it down a bit, by tightening up the screw.

Nolitan, Yes I have read that as well, I will be playing with it in the future, but I think I have offset the granite effects with tube choice and cartridge and do not feel my system is at all hard. I did however notice a difference in sound when I had it on a wooden shelf. Synergy.
Well, I have been playing with the adjustment for the last few days and I have decided I like it better tightened. When it is loose there is some extra "sparkle" but at the expense of vocal/instrument separation and depth. A neat party trick.