Possible to use Subwoofer with Onix SP3

Hi I'm new to audiogon and this is my first post.
I have an Onix SP3 mkii integrated amp with a sonos hooked in through a paradisea 3 dac as well as an Oppo 980h dvd player and two wharfedale bookshelves.

My question is: The SP3 only has a pair of aux in and a pair of cd in and two pair speaker outs for the bookshelves, How do I connect a Subwoofer to this system. The DAC only has 1 pair of anolog outs going to the SP3 amp. Thanks for your help.

Yes if you use a sub with high level inputs. You run these from the amps SPEAKER outputs. REL will do this, I think Hsu and others also.
I should have added that this is for powered subs. It is possible also to buy or build a reduction device that converts the power output to line level to drive an amp for passive subs. I use this method with my older Hsu subs in my video set up. The powered sub approach is simpler and probably cheaper in long run.