Possible to use Denon 2802 with Paradigm Studio60?

I have Paradigm Monitor 7 speakers running on Denon 2802 right now. I am planning on upgrading the speakers to Studio 60 v3, but I won't have enough money to upgrade the receiver yet. So my question is if it's even worth it to upgrade my speakers and not the receiver? Is the performance gain minimal without upgrading the receiver at the same time?

My second question is if I used the Denon 2802 as the preamp and bought a Parasound HCA1500, would that be enough? As you can see I am trying to get a decent system with a budget constraint.

My music preference is rock, pop, and musicals. I don't listen to music very loud, probably around -25dB on the Denon volume. My room is 15'x15'.

Paradigm Monitor 7
Paradigm CC 170
Paradigm ADP 170
Paradigm PDR-12
Denon 2802
Panasonic F85K DVD Player

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Do the upgrade, you will *definitely* hear an improvement. The receiver/amp can wait, you'll still be getting great sound in the meantime.

In addition, you might want to consider upgrading to some used 100s V2 with the real wood sides. You can get those for about the same price as the new 60s V3. They will go much deeper and look *fantastic*, especially in the cherry or rosenut veneers.
I wouldn't bother with the HCA1500 until you upgrade your speakers to Paradigm 100s or higher quality speakers.

You might not get every ounce or resolution possible out of your speakers, but you'll be getting more bang for your buck from spending your money on your speakers rather than trying to balance your system. IMHO