Possible to run a turntable direct to an amp?

Was considering skipping the preamp altogether and running a turntable direct to an amp. This way I could allocate more $$$ to source components. Obviously, the phono stage has to be capable of doing this. Any recommendations on this approach or feasible options if doing so? I know its done in the CD world, but in the analog world?
get a EAR phono stage/preamp the model number escapes me now anyway about $1200 new excellent sonics also
ANY phono equipped with a volume control will do. The rest, i.e. choosing WHICH phono, is up to your musical tastes! Cheers
Aesthetix has a high end model designed to do this. It's pricey, but one the best.
Jadis also has phono with vol. control.
Check out the Art Audio Vinyl One. It does exactly what you are looking for and plus it's tubed.
Yes, I run my turntable to a seperate phono preamp and then to a seperate transformer volume controller and on to the amps/ speakers. I use over 11 meters of cables so it can be done with proper matching of components and interconnects. This setup uses an MC cartridge with less than 1 mv so don't be affraid to experiment with low volt cartridges either.
Get a Manley Steelhead - possibly the best phono stage around. Has variable output, can drive long cable runs, and the new version (coming out at CES) will have a line level input so you can actually use it as a preamp, not just a phono stage.