Possible Speaker Damage cause by Vinyl?

My first post, here goes:

I was playing a record rather louder than normal listening level (11:00 on volume dial). After the song was over I went to cue UP the arm and I forgot to turn the volume down and obviously heard a loud "thump" sound. The woofers jumped a bit, not extrme, extreme excersion but they sure did move. Can this cause machanical damage to the speaker at all? I'm thinking the speaker can handle such a thing but just out of pure paranoia, I want to make sure with you guys.

Thanks for any help,
Most of the speakers can handle that but shurely to some degree you're overstressing the voice coil.
Try not to forget to turn the volume down or mute or switch to different source before lifting or setting a styli.
I'd agree with Marakenetz. I'll add, if they sound fine, then they are fine. I just wouldn't make a habit of it...
Voice Coils I thought can only be harmed by Thermal overload, ie, an amplifier clipping. Correct me if I'm wrong but to harm a voice coil would need heat for long periods of time.
Speaker damage can loosely be catagorized into two broad categories: thermal damage & mechanical (mainly excursion) damage. Dropping a tonearm on a record at high amplification will produce extreme excursions or pulse in a woofer where a voice coil can hop out of its gap & miss when it tries to return generally damaging itself in the process. This is unlikely (although I did it once in my youth w/ a 250 watt amp and a JBL 12" woofer). However esp with older speakers large excursions can stress & damage the suspension components - the spider & esp the foam surrounds which sometimes age rather poorly.
This happened every second in the middle sixties to middle seventies,especially in CA...wasnt a problem as I remember,but nothing you want to get good at..Bob