possible amplifier power reduction with subwoofers

After not having a system for 10 years I have started out by buying Vandersteen 3A signatures with a pair of used Vandersteen 2w subwoofers. I have nothing else at this point. I've had 2cs before and enjoy the Vandy sound. Recommended power for the 3As is 100 to 200 watts, but with 2 subs each with a 300 watt built amplifier would a good quality amp of 100 watts be enough? When I had the 2cs I had a 200 watt per amp with a velodyne sub with a 350 watt mono amp. The setup will be in a smaller room than my previous system. I listen to jazz and some rock.
Richard Vandersteen says the clipping would occur in the midrange, but I suspect this would only happen if the amp was very underpowered.
I think that 100 wpc in a smaller room would be plenty, but it depends to some extent on the level you like to listen at.