Possible alternatives. Rotel RCD 991.

Dear A-Goners,
Frankly speaking I’m not sure if this topic belongs to this (digital) forum but I don’t see better place to ask.
So what I have:
GMA Diamante II- speakers
Plinius 8150 Integrated amp
Rotel 991 CD Player
MAC silver AgQ interconnects
DIY CAT5 speaker cable, made as described on vhaudio.com
What I would like to have (sound wise):
More open, “airy” Top diapason. Now it’s on the dark side, don’t get me wrong, to my ears there is enough Highs but there is definitely some lack of volume, headroom or air, whatever it calls. It’s my major concern.
Mids are OK, anyway if it would have been more “lively”, have more drum punch, I speak about sharp edge of sound wave of small drums, I’d be happy.
Bass is OK. As I understand tighter is better, so if it would be tighter and a little dryer I would not mind.
Now I’m leaning toward the idea that my source is a weak link. If so what should I consider as a possible alternative in 1000-1300$ max price range used.
I would appreciate any comment and suggestions.
Sorry for lame sound description, for me it’s difficult even in a native tongue.
Thanks in advance,
The Marantz SA8001 CD player (SACD capable) has rec'd rave reviews. Presently its list price is $899.00 down $100.00 recently. Check out the reviews at audioreview.com and also at the Marantz website, John Atkinson-Stereophile- from 9/07. I think you'll get more of that drum punch from this unit.

I have the Rotel RCD1072 CD player and its dynamite. I paid $700.00 in 2006. It too has rec'd fantastic reviews. The Rotel 991 seems to be a great source component with HDCD capability and a 20 bit Burr Brown DAC. Take a look at the Cambridge Audio Azur line of CD players too. All the best.
Thanks for your suggestions,
Yes, you're right, Rotel 991 seems like good source acoording to review and I'm not even sure that my problem is Rotel. After some research done I'm leaning toward Linn and Rega CDP's, also I'll probable try silver speaker cables. Any comments on these?