Possessed HTPC

I have a very strange problem with my HTPC. I cannot get Windows to boot up in my living room. I move the computer to any other room and it works fine. I'm trying to hook the computer up to my LCD RPTV and it won't work. I get the startup screen for the motherboard but nothing for windows. I tried connecting it to nothing but a regular computer monitor and the same things happen. I even tried running an extension cord from the other room with no luck. I tried my other tower and same things happens. The moment I move the HTPC to another room it works fine. Has anyone ever seen anything even similar to this. I tried moving all the speakers out of the room to see if it was an issue with the magnets. No go. It just seems like computers do not like to work in my living room. Now my laptop works in the room no problem. I'm at a loss. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
"The moment I move the HTPC to another room it works fine."

What did you use as a display device in the other room?

"I get the startup screen for the motherboard "

System BIOS settings maybe?...or, you need a driver? In any case...it sounds to me that the system is not picking up those displays at startup for some reason so is redirecting you to the BIOS just as it would if you installed a new hard drive that it did not detect at startup?

I know very little about computers so could be way off base here...I do remember that when I hooked up my computer to my RCA RPTV which has a (DB-15?) input for computers, the first thing it did was load a new driver...and then, opened Windows.

I used a regular CRT monitor in the other room. I've tried bring the CRT monitor into the possessed room and the computer acts the same. I cannot start up.
Probably power ground-loops. If you plug everything into a single circuit, this should not happen. Also, try ungrounding the monitor.