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I've just sold speakers through the Audiogon and want to post a positive comment. How do I go about it? Do I go to "Members lookup?" I haven't used the Audiogon for a while and the system apparently has changed. Thank you for your help.  Carrard
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Send me an email to [email protected], Attn: Tammy and I will be glad to help you. 
Options include 

Your Profile -> Selling -> Sold Items -> Actions -> Feedback


Your Profile -> Feedback -> Leave Feedback

great point made by Elizabeth.
It really makes no difference to me about who leaves feedback first as it really does not effect any dispute process or PayPal claim just because you left feedback on a site.
As a seller I tend to leave feedback based on the buyers communication and speed of payment.
As a buyer obviously the condition of the item purchased is important along with communication.

Has worked for me for over 20 years on eBay and 6 years here.
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When the buyer receives the item he or she should leave feedback.  I have never had the seller give feedback first on  Audiogon!
Once I see the person has received my item, I wait 2 days and give feedback.  Then I send them a message reminding them to provide feedback.  I also mention I gave them good feedback.  Works like a charm.