Positioning of component racks

I understand its ideal to place component racks on the side wall near listening position. However in my dedicated room 2channel/ HT ( 14.5ft x 24.5ft x 10.5ft) I have to put my components between the speaker. This is due to the fact that my CJ preamp do not have balanced connection and if I were to put my components on the long side wall, it means using a 15ft RCA interconnect which I think will compromise the sonic quality of my set up ( even though CJ told me it shouldnt be a problem. However I dont have the luxury of testing it out).
From my understanding, its preferable to put the components on single component stand between my speakers. However with 12 components on the floor , and plenty of cables, its does look messy in my Rives design dedicated room. Is considering buying 2 3 component racks so that it looks neater but its also mean putting
3-4ft racks between speakers which from my understanding will affect the imaging of the my set up. Ethan of Realtrap dont thk its a problem ( check out his site and the way he position his set up). Rives suggested that I put it on the side wall. Contradictory opinions. In fact, I seen many high end and expensive set up with high racks in between speaker. Surely that would compromise the sonic quality of the set up or am I wrong? Your opinions is much appreciated
I've found over the years that it's truly all a matter of choosing among compromises. For me, soundstaging is important to my enjoyment of a lot of the music I play. In the various rooms and setups I've had over the years, I've found that anything placed between the speakers will have some audible negative impact on soundstaging. So, I avoid having anything between my speakers to the greatest extent possible.

Nevertheless, in my current setup I do have a single 24' wide by 42" tall open shelf equipment rack between my speakers, but sitting about 36" behind the front plane of the drivers. This works and soundstaging is good, but the rack still compromises slightly the soundstaging that would be possible without it being there. (When we set up the room, my listening partner and I tried other locations for the rack, and we could hear the impact of the rack in each location.) Placing the rack well between the speakers but well behind the front plane of the drivers proved to be the best compromise in this room.

If my room were over 16' wide instead of 14.5', I'd be more inclined to go with a side wall. But with just 14.5', the rack on the side created soundstage balance problems that were more problematic than being placed between the speakers. At least there, the soundstaging impact was balanced and symmetrical. Getting it well behind the front plane of the speakers was a key factor in making this position work for us.

What I've found is that, generally, if the rack between is open shelving, is modest in size, and is behind the front plane of the speakers, I've not observed much compromise. If the rack is short, even better. The worst compromises I've heard have been in listening rooms with a large piece of furniture between the speakers and in the same plane with the front of the drivers (like the room I had for many years with a full soundboard 53" tall upright piano between the speakers!)

FWIW, I've listened in many rooms with racks to the sides or rear of the listening position where 20-25' single-ended interconnects were run to mono-block amplifiers at the speaker location. In those setups I've never been able to tell that the long interconnects were creating much of a problem.
If you decide to locate on a side wall, make sure you don't place racks/components near a first reflection point. Reserve that location for proper diffusion.
In most applications, I would suggest locating racks between your speakers, but not more than three shelves high. Better to go wider if needed and reserve the space above the racks to install proper diffusion on the wall.
I recently changed from a 7.0 meter RCA to a 2.0 meter rca, after hearing an improvment with the shorter cable. Obviously, it was apples>apples comparison with both cables being the same brand/model. The sacrifice I made was moving my 40" high Rix Rax, a large mother of a rack with a wide top shelf, in back of my speakers. I would say my rack sits back similar to Rushtons, so about 36". I also have my rack a foot closer to the left wall, so that my stereo amp sits a bit closer to my right speaker. I would say as in everything audio, there are always compromises and variables. These include your room width, your preamps ability to drive long cables... If you follow past threads though, it seems as a rule over a 3 meter rca may be beginning to push things a bit. If a manufacturer says it won't be a problem, I don't know if that would translate in to achieving optimum performance. Seek out an identical 2.0 meter of whatever cable your 15 footer is, and try it out if you can.
It is all compromise. Theoretically, you should have nothing between the speakers; but if you put them on side wall you will have to have longer cables, which you should also avoid. If you have mono amps putting them behind the speakers and using short speaker wires and long interconnects with the rest on side wall works well , I have done it. I now have my equipment between the speakers with the speakers a little farther out than the racks. I wouldn't worry whichever way you want to do it. My room is a lot like yours except even longer. I liked the Star Sound racks so well I became a dealer for them, one of their good points is that they do not have as much structure as many racks, more open.
Well guys, thank u for your feedback. I suppose either way there is a compromise. My room is treated based on Rives Audio recommendation. Taken care of all corners, soffit bass trap, ceiling trap, front wall diffuser, helmhotz resonator for first reflection. Off course, these are based on theoretical calculation as I took only Level 1 consulting since i m fr Malaysia. By the way, I have 2 Fathom F113 abt 3ft behind front speakers. Thanks