Positioning KEF 107/2s or 104/2s

I'm trying to decide if 107/2s or 104/2s will work in my application. What are the speciic requirements for positioning 107/2s, e.g. how far from rear and side walls, and so forth. What about positioning requirements for 104/2s. Many high-end speakers I've heard, Wilson Watt Puppies & Sophias, big maggies, need a lot of space behind them to render depth of image.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

If your interested in creating a good sense of depth, virtually all speakers need to be placed well away from room boundries as these boundries, if too close, will add too much immediate reflection of the initial sound which will obscure subtle detail upon which a good soundstage is based. KEF 104's and 107's would not be an exception.
From what I remember both sound similar as most companies tend to voice there speakers the same way. I think room size may be most improtant.The 104/2 are a great speaker in the right size application. I would venture to say if your room is moderate size the 104/2 would be great. I actually like the 104/2 more than the 107/2 myself,but thats me. I have always thought that the kef 104/2 was one of the best bargains Kef ever offered. Kind like the smaller Snells of years ago!