positioning for Mirage Omnisat Micro spkrs

I am installing 5- Mirage Omnisat Micro speakers in a master bedroom for a plasma tv. Mirage says the speakers can be installed on the ceiling or on the walls. The bed will be against the back wall, the plasma screen on the opposite wall. Does anyone have any recommendations as to whether installing on the ceiling or on the walls or a combination of the two would be best? If the rear speakers are installed on the wall, it will have to be on the same wall as the bed rests against as one of the side walls has a closet on it and I could not install it there... any suggestions are welcome...Thanks for your time..

Although this is against the conventional wisdom for speaker placement, ...I don't think it really matters for Omnisats. That's why Mirage said you could put them anywhere, either on the walls or the ceiling. Omnisats are designed to radiate in all directions so a specific placement isn't as critical. I heard some Omnisats at a Mirage dealer not too long ago. The ones I listened to were on stands. As I stood up and sat down, and as I walked 360 degrees around them, I was amazed at how consistent the sound was. You might experiment a bit with placement in case your room has peculiar acoustic properties, but other than that, I think you have a lot of flexibility with this type of speaker regarding placement.