Portland (Oregon) Audio Club

The PAC meets every month in Portland, with arrangements made through Meetup. (Meetup is the social network that charges organizers, instead of selling your personal information.) Membership dues are $12/year, but you get two free months to decide, before you spend the big bucks.

We have a varied membership, with ages from 20s to 80s and systems from very cheap to really expensive. Members include headphone lovers, vintage audio lovers, tube and solid-state fans, some DIYers, a composer, a mastering engineer, and many more. It’s a friendly group: we go out of our way to welcome newcomers; and it’s a great way to meet other audiophiles in the area.

Regardless of who you are, if you’re interested in audio and music, we hope you’ll join us! Our holiday social is on Sunday, December 15th. Visit the link above for more details.