Portland, OR

I would like to get together to talk audio, have a couple of beers, and swap ideas/opinions/music. I live in Inner SE Portland but wouldn't mind meeting up in a different area. Hit me up if anyone is interested in a couple of beers and good music. Cheers!

Hey Ryan,
I'm also in inner SE, give me a shout and lets have a beer.
 I started a group on Facebook called "north west audiophiles marketplace" hoping to meat others in the north west to listen, buy, sale, trade, and discuss equipment! I usually have pretty cool stuff to check out or trade and it's so hard in the Boise Idah area to find people with equipment I want to try! I usually have to purchase the gear and pay enormous shipping sight unseen! I'm Willing to drive anyware in the NW to check stuff out or purchase! Hoping to make it easier to get my hands on gear! Check out the group!

North west audiophiles marketplace - it's on Facebook