portishead, goldfrapp, looking for more ......

I am looking for female vocals that are warm smooth and sexy coupled with electronic music like portishead and goldfrapp. Does anyone have any recommendations? thanks for the help
I love that stuff too. My recommendations are Olive (about as poppy as I'll go but I love it), the last two EBTG albums Walking Wounded and Temperamental, Lamb (harder, weirder), Morcheeba (dyn-o-mite!), Hooverphonic, and the first record from Babyfox, "A Normal Family," which is dubby but extremely cool. Massive Attack also has some tunes like you're talking about but I find most of the time they're a little too dark for me. As far as smooth and sexy, it doesn't get much smoother or sexier than Vanessa Daou. Her latest "Make you love" is great IMHO but the music is less electronic than some of the others...

Sneaker Pimps- Becoming X, it is a must have classic.
DollsHead- Frozen Charlotte, accuratly fits your discribtion

This one is take it or leave it, you'll either think this girl has the sexiest voice in the world or you'll hate, eiter way the 'music'(if you can even call it that) in the this one very special track is amuzing if nothing else. Her it goes:
Danny Tenaglia- Global Underground, Athens-004, disk one track 12 the song "Frank Sinatra" featuring Miss Kitten, if you have a chance to pick up this disk listen to that track and tell me what you think. Personally I love this girls voice, don't know why, but it is inspiring. Don't play it the first time with wife/girlfriend or the kids around, when you hear it you'll understand!
If you don't mind french(always sexy!) than go for Guesch Patti -- Blonde album and have your mind blown.
UMMMMMMM.....Marakantz, just my mind?????? I may have been interested if it was not so limiting!!! LOL
I listen to everything listed above, but my chill out faves are St. Etienne (their entire playlist), Morcheeba, and Ivy. I find that Paul Van Dyk has many songs that stir me with female vocalists, especially on the CD, "Out there and back".

I especially appreciate this music when I am in logic 7 etc on the Lexicon.
Laurie Anderson -- "Strange Angels"
You may want to try some of the more recent releases by Pram and Laika. Nice stuff...not quite trip-hop, but veering into the realm with a more abstract edge at times.One that came to mind as I type this (and it's not really a recommendation), is a fairly obscure band called Mauve Sideshow. Very obtuse & strange, very dark and highly abstract. I might have to dig that stuff out again for some late-night chills...
Zero 7 is an absolute must.

Check out this thread:



Protection by Massive Attack certainly qualifies. If you want to support "proudly made in the USA" (Washington DC to be more specific) highly recommended is the work of The Thievery Corporation, start with The mirror conspiracy. If you dig Middle Eastern flava with electronic overtones out of France the series of Buddha Bar albums are finally available on these shores. I prefer the second.
Hooverphonic. Their first album is their best, but you may like the subsequent, less guitar oriented albums. They also did a great rendition of "shake the disease". I would also recommend Curve. Again, their first (three) albums are the best, but "Come Clean", their fourth and still excellent album, is more closely related to what you describe. The vocals for Curve however, are icy and dark, not warm. You may also like Joydrop, but they are not in same league. Also look at Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' single and "Mezzanine".
thanks for all the responses some I heard other I havent but at least I get to check out some new tunes.
Esthero. Not as mature as Portishead, but has a very funky beat with pretty cool female vocals.
what a cool thread, this is some of the stuff I love to look for and listen to.

Can I find most of these cd's by their name's or are most of them able to find at the cd stores.

My contribution is one not listed yet, Poe, she is very pretty in person and there are 2 cd and both are recorded very well, I recommend both highly.

To the Budda Bar cd's where can a person get those. I got in alot of trouble in that place one night with a few of those french drinks, that 60'statue of the big B, a wedding party from morroco and 2 french girls. I got in alot of trouble from his wife over this, then we tried to get a taxi with 4 people at 2:00 am on what ever back street that place is located. I just wish I knew what those girls whispered to our wives that sort of upset them?
Its pretty cool when a slightly drunk redneck okie can make an impression all the way over in paris france.
Goldfrapp, ummm yes. I thought no one here will appreciate her music ( except may be tireguy) but I was wrong. I am not big fan of Bjork, but she has similar vocals and singing style. Try the new highly rated "Vesperine". By the way I am gonna ask Goldfrapp to marry me....
To go back a little.. Annette Peacock singing with Bill Brufords band and her solo stuff. Another vote for Massive Attack's Protection.
Good stuff so far, but why hasn't anyone mentioned Delerium? Their 4 most recent albums are incredible-Great hi fi demos to boot! Kind of dark for some though. I will second Massive Attack-anything by them is great. Some others not mentioned: Soma Sonic, Everything but the Girl, Dido/ Faithless, Newer Madonna, Mouth Music .....Among others. I hope this thread keeps going as I would too want to come across more of this lucious music!!
wow two months and my post is still going strong thanks for all the suggestion and I will add to my own list HALOU just out and its really nice.
Well... there is something beyond Portishead... The Portishead is just brought to the public ear. Not like Roedelius. Getting high guarranteed with no drug.